Customer Privacy Notice Template

Privacy policy on 3Q

The controller has integrated the SaaS platform 3Q SDN on this website for the presentation of media content. 3Q SDN is a platform for the processing and distribution of media content (video, audio) and related services.

The 3Q platform collects data on the use of the audiovisual content offered by the responsible parties.

The operating company of 3Q SDN is the

3Q GmbH
Belfortstr. 5
81667 Munich

3Q sets a cookie on the information technology system of the data subject. By setting the cookie, 3Q is enabled to analyze the use of our video content or the platform. As part of this technical process, 3Q obtains knowledge of personal data, which 3Q uses, among other things, to enable statistical analysis of the use of the audiovisual content.

The personal information submitted to 3Q is generally:

- IP address
- timestamp
- user agent

and other data, which are necessary for the statistical collection.

3Q's applicable privacy policy can be found at