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With our solution, you can easily make audio and video content available in your company.

Guaranteed GDPR compliance
Flexible pricing model
Reliability and security with 24/7 support
Over 1,000 leading brands and organizations use our streaming platform

Conduct webcasts at any time

Webcasts offer you an efficient option to get your message across to a large audience. With our enterprise video service, you can easily conduct webcasts that fit seamlessly into your marketing and communications strategy.

Whether it's training, product launches, or company updates, we provide a powerful and reliable platform to reach your audience in an engaging way.

Create professional HD-quality webcasts, interact with your audience in real time, and analyze the results of your events. We support your continuous performance improvement.

Customizable player for a special brand experience

Customize player UI as well as landing pages to your CI and integrate your branding. An all-around engaging and professional experience awaits your audience.

Create and edit content made simple

Create, manage and organize your digital content through our asset management system: all in a single platform.
Customize transcodes, metadata, subtitles, and watermarks
Create, edit and publish your content easily with our integrated content editor

Let your users participate

Successful communication requires interaction. With our enterprise video service, you can actively engage your users in your marketing and communications strategy and provide them with an interactive experience.

From live Q&A sessions to online polls, our platform offers you a wide range of features to get opinions and feedback from your viewers in real time.

Simple and straightforward

Why complicate it? Simple categorization based on specific criteria such as keywords, tags or other metadata take the user experience to a whole new level!

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, our platform provides you and your colleagues with an intuitive administration tool.

Interactive and engaging podcasts

Create, publish, and manage podcasts - all effortlessly from a single platform.
Analyze metrics and overall performance
Central management of Spotify and Co.
Use podcast content to extend and build your brand

Intuitive creation of your livestreams

Forget about tedious preparations and the need to schedule all events days in advance! Stay flexible and set up your livestream even on short notice within one day. Our platform and your ideas combine to create a perfect experience suitable for:
Company Town Halls
Team events and workshops
Interactive product demos
Marketing your content

Your audience
within reach!

Broadcast content on multiple channels simultaneously and reach a much larger audience. Our platform offers audio tracks for a variety of different languages, as well as options for background music of all kinds. Customize the streaming experience like never before.

Streaming. Simple. Efficient.

Whether it's a website, app or third-party platform, we deliver the technology and know-how for your business and product.
Reliable and fast.

Our CDN solution guarantees a faster and more reliable viewer experience and reduces bandwidth downstream by up to 90%.

Numerous platforms

Also switch flexibly to other CDN providers to ensure high performance and cost efficiency for all regions or applications.

Custom CDN solution

Flexibly switch between CDN providers to ensure the best performance and cost efficiency for a specific region or application.

Enterprise Video

Remote work has become essential for many companies. Ensure engagement and communication with high-quality video and easily accessible on-demand content for remote workers.

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