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Don't keep your audience waiting any longer. Manage, stream, and market video and audio content to all supported devices from a single platform.

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Decide on your content

Upload your content to our platform via browser or API, or connect your content management system to automate your workflows. We support you with intuitive and creative editing features for creating and editing metadata, subtitles, chapters and much more...
Simple and intuitive with a single API and GUI
Support of all common codecs and formats

Your statistics with our Analytics Tool

We support the optimized distribution of your video content with the necessary data to generate statistical analyses and measure the user behavior of your viewers.

With functions such as display duration, playback rate and completion rate, you can use our technology to optimize your video strategy and increase viewer loyalty.

Protect your content

We offer various access restriction options for the targeted delivery of your content. Ensure that your content can only be accessed within a defined period of time, can only be played via authorized clients, or is only made available in certain regions.
Token protection
Content Encryption
Domain protection
Password protection

Customize your player to your needs

Our video player is configurable according to your needs, and can be flexibly tailored to the look and feel of your brand and presence.

Let your branding speak for you with individualized player skins and configurable settings, successfully engaging your audience with your brand(s).

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